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Running Men
4538 Westinghouse Street
Ventura, CA 93003
(800) 235-3333
Valves & Head Supports
# R272x Head Support for Valves R1420 & R2630, R2700 series
Universal Non-Rebreathing "Q-Valve"
# R27xx Series Large T-Shape Breathing Valves
# R1410 Series Small T- Valve & Accessories
# R28xx Manual Directional Control Valves (Sliding Piston)
# R2766 Head Support with Counter-Balance Strap for R2600, R2700 Series Valves
One-Way Valves
# 1464 Non-Rebreathing Valve T-valve 10/BAG (Disposable)
# R1230 Series Mini-One-Way Valves
# R1240 Series Extra Small One-Way Valves
# R1420 Series Small Y-Shape Valves & Accessories
# R1426 Head Support for R1410 Series Valves
# R1810 Series Small One-Way Valves
# R2200 Series Mini Y-Shape Valves
# R2210 Series Small Y-Shape Valves
Multi-Flex Arm & Clamp
# R2230 Series Extra Small T-Valves
# R23xx Series Mini-Size T-Valves
# R2440 5-Balloon Valve Assembly 22mmOD
# R2550 4-Balloon Valves
# R2630 Series Medium Size Y-Shaped Valves
# R26xx Series Medium Size T-shape Valves
# R2730 Series Large Size Y-Shape Valves
# R4285 Pneumatic Controllers for Sliding Valves
# R5xxx One Way Valves Medium, Large & Giant
# R7200 Series Giant Y-Shape Valves
# K270: K-VALVE (Low Resistance, non-rebreathing, 2-way)
# R2714 Head Support with Counter-Balance Strap for R1410 Valves
# R2870 Cardiac Output Valving Setups (Manual Operation)
# K-53xx Gas Flow One-way ON - OFF Valves
# R2785 Head Support with Counter-Balance Strap for R28xx, R85xx Series Valves
# R822x Cardiac Output CO2 Rebreathing Valve Setups
# R82xx Series 3-Balloon Valve Setups
# R85xx Series Pneumatic 3-Way Directional Control Valves
# R9340 Two-Way Shut-Off Valves

"T" vs. "Y" valves: "T" valves are less expensive, "Y" valves usually have lower dead space and higher rated maximum flow.

Need a replacement part for your Rudolph valve?

Click here to open the Valve Replacement Parts PDF file.

We can install gas sampling ports into ANY valve, specify location, such as in body or mouthport. Enter port location in the "Notes" section of the order form.

To order gas sampling ports on any valve or stopcock, click here "K" series valves and select the type of sample port fitting (barbed vs. luer lock) and add the labor charge.

Replace valve diaphragm every 4 to 6 month to minimize leakage!

Last Updated: 5 March 2006