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4125 Market St #10
Ventura, CA 93003
(800) 235-3333
# R2630 Series Medium Size Y-Shaped Valves

Breathing valves rated up to 500 liters per minute ventilation.

Shown in photo in middle.

Each square = 1 cm

Max rated flow = 500 LPM

We can fax or mail you a detailed data sheet.

We can install gas sampling ports, specify location, such as in body or mouth port.

Replace valve diaphragm every 4 to 6 month to minimize leakage

Last Updated: 1 Oct 2019

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Replacement Inhalation Tube for all R2630 valves R611178 72.00

Medium Y-Shape Valve, mouth port 1-1/8" OD, tube ports 1-3/8" OD R2630C 503.00

Replacement Exhalation Tube for all R2630 valves R612056 70.00

Medium Y-Shape Valve, same as R2630 but with saliva trap R2630MPL 750.00

Replacement Diaphragm Stop R5603 15.00

Replacement Saliva Trap Tube R611245 38.00

Medium Y-Shape Valve, mouth port 22mm OD, tube ports 1-3/8" OD R2630E 503.00

Medium Y-Shape Valve, all ports 1-3/8" OD / 1-1/8" ID R2630 503.00

Replacement Mouthpiece Tube for R2630C valve R612002 72.00

Replacement Mouthpiece Tube for R2630E valve R612003 72.00

Replacement Diaphragm Ring R2609 19.00

Replacement Body for all R2630 valves R611598 163.00

External Saliva Trap for R2630 R6926 270.00

Replacement Valve Diaphragm R2608 21.50

Replacement Mouthpiece Tube for R2630 valve R611202 94.00