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# R3700 / R4700 Pediatric/Adult Pneumotach - to 160 Lpm

Flow range 0 to 160 Lpm for pediatric and resting adult applications

Photo shows medium pneumotach with optional R3850 heater control.

Pneumotach Amplifier has 2 analog outputs, one for flow and one for pressure. Dual Amplifier provides only analog flow output for each pneumotach. Consider Pneumotach Calibration which presets range control and provides chart of volts out vs. flow and pressure (volts vs. flow only on dual amp). For dual amp must buy 2 calibrations.

Heater Control must be purchased separately.

Dead space: 15cc
Weight: 51 gram
Length: 6.45cm
Ports: 22mm OD x 15mm ID both ends
Fleisch equivalent: # 2

Last Updated: 12 Jan 2018

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Dual Pneumotach Amplifier RCR1478 2,045.00

Pediatric Pneumotach, unheated R4700 551.00

Heater Control R3850A 864.00

Dual Heater Control R3850B 1,331.00

Pediatric Pneumotach, heated R3700 741.00

Pneumotach Calibration, each R955072 403.00

Pneumotach Amplifier R113252-1110A 1,725.00