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# R7100 Flow Resistance Standards

For Ventilator testing and quality assurance, body box calibration and for limiting the expiratory flow of patients doing closing volume maneuvers

Ask for data sheet R7100V

Last Updated: 16 Jan 2015

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Flow Resistor, 50 cmH2O L/sec R7100R50 495.00

Flow Resistor, 200 cmH2O L/sec R7100R200 525.00

Recalibration of your Flow Resistor R955002 250.00

Flow Resistor, 1000 cmH2O L/sec R7100R1000 605.00

Flow Resistor, 5 cmH2O L/sec R7100R5 425.00

Flow Resistor, 500 cmH2O L/sec R7100R500 575.00

Flow Resistor, 20 cmH2O L/sec R7100R20 450.00