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17970 See now "Excalibur Sport"

Discontinued, see now model 17980 Excalibur Sport or model 17960 Corival

The Excalibur is another Lode ergometer that is accurate, durable and that has a low noise level. The load of the Excalibur can be set up to 600/750 Watts, both for hyperbolic (RPM independent 600 Watts) and linear (RPM dependent 750 Watts) ergometry. An upgrade to 1300 watts is available, see below.
A Workload Programmer (WLP) comes standard with the ergometer, to be able to control the unit manually or automatically. The software for the Workload Programmer includes the standard Astrand protocol and 50 free programmable user protocols. During tests the Workload Programmer display shows the workload (Watt), RPM, est. METS, est. VO2, energy etc. The Excalibur has an RS232 outlet for communication with other systems or a personal computer by way of the bidirectional Computerlink option. The system with high maximum loads is suitable for occupational health care and sports medicine (for example examining police- and firemen).

The Excalibur can also be used for supine and arm ergometry. On a "leg" ergometer some people stop the exercise before a doctor has the required information about the heart. Some people cannot be tested on a standard ergometer because of amputation or paralysis. Then arm ergometry is the solution. The Excalibur can be used as an arm ergometer by turning it 90 degrees; the ergometer is in vertical position and the pedals can be replaced by hand cranks (see options).

Supine ergometry is also possible with the Excalibur. Again turn the ergometer 90 degrees; place a stretcher in front of it. In this way a test person can perform supine ergometry. It can be applied in cases when the patient cannot sit or walk. In special applications (supine and arm ergometry) you need a lower speed; this is possible with the Excalibur without loss of accuracy. The ergometer is RPM independent from 30-120 RPM.


  • Load (continuously adjustable) : hyperbolic 10-600W; linear 10-750W
  • Weight : 90 kg
  • Dimensions : 115cm x 70cm x 125 cm
  • Accuracy : deviation <2%


  • Heart Rate: Sensor and receiver to monitor test person's heart rate. The heart rate is visible on the WLP display during tests if the function is activated.
  • Sport Set: Sport saddle, toe-clips
  • Hand crank: Instead of pedals, for arm ergometry
  • Pedal Shoes: For foot fixing for dorsal ergometry
  • Extra long saddle pin. Especially for tall persons up to 2.10m.
  • Crank shorteners for pediatric use
  • TurboFit Exercise Manager Software: Optional Windows-based software provides PC-control and creates custom workouts and graphs and records watts, heart rate and many other variables.
    Click here for TurboFit Exercise Manager
    (Programmable Control Unit not required for TurboFit)

Click here to see optional Adjustable Cranks for pediatric use

Last Updated: 9 Sept 2008

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Child Saddle 17970-7 30.00

Triathlon Saddle Adjustment 17970-5 550.00

Handcrank Set (for arm ergometry) 17970-6 445.00

Lode "Excalibur" Professional Ergometer 17970 0.00

Adjustable Race Saddle & Race Pedals 17970-4 485.00