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Ventura, CA 93003
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# R27xx Series Large T-Shape Breathing Valves

Breathing valves rated up to 600 liters per minute

To find matching head support,
see R2726 and R2766

Photo shows R2700B with saliva trap.

See also "K" series valves with tri-cuspid valve diaphragm.

We can install gas sampling ports, see items K1912, K1913, K1919 below.

Note: Instead of a saliva trap, try using our 109NT mouthpiece , it has no bite blocks, therefore allows swallowing.

See also Adapters to face masks

Replace valve diaphragm every 4 to 6 month to minimize leakage

Also available:
Head Support
Head Support

Last Updated: 23 Sept 2018

Qty Product Catalog Number Price

Adapter, R2700 to V2 mask (No gas sample port) V-MIR 85.00

Replacement Valve Diaphragm R2708 21.50

Replacement Saliva Trap Drain Tube R6901 38.00

Replacement Exhalation Tube for all R2700s R611221 96.00

Saliva Trap Hole Plug R200279 55.00

Gas Sampling Port: 1/8" hose barb (specify location) K1919 4.50

Diaphragm Stop R5703 15.00

Valve without Mouthport 1-3/8" (35mm) side ports Y2700 331.00

Large T-shape Valve, as R2700C but with large elbow shaped mounting bracket R2798 375.00

Luer Lock Sampling Port (specify location) K1913 4.50

Labor Charge to install Sampling Port K1912 32.00

LargeT-shape Valve, all ports 1-3/8" (35mm) OD R2700 363.00

Replacement Body for R2700B R611481 221.00

Replacement Diaphragm Ring R2709 19.00

Replacement Inhalation Tube for all R2700s R611220 87.00

Replacement Body for R2700, R2700C & Y2700 R612069 169.00

Mounting Bracket for R2700s, Ellbow Shape R200561 49.00

Large T-shape Valve, as R2700 but with saliva trap R2700B 469.00

Large T-shape Valve, as R2700C but with saliva trap R2700CB 454.00

Replacement Mouthpiece Tube for R2700C R612004 110.00

Replacement Mouthpiece Tube for R2700 & R2700B R611203 93.50

Large T-shape Valve, mouthport 1-1/8" OD, side ports 1-3/8" OD R2700C 346.00

External Saliva Trap for R2700, R2700C & Y2700 R6927 283.00