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Running Men
4538 Westinghouse Street
Ventura, CA 93003
(800) 235-3333
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"Serving customers around the world in exercise physiology and cardiopulmonary science since 1968"

Application Notes about VO2 Measurements:
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Buying a VO2 System or setting up a new Stress Test Lab? Click below:

A 7-step guide to purchasing a Metabolic Measurement System (Ergospirometry)

New On-Face VO2 Metabolic Measurement System

VO2 Master PRO

Our new wearable VO2 Measurement System with low introductory price

Vista "TurboTrainer"

A research quality VO2 and VCO2 Measurement System for resting, REE and VO2max measurements

Vista MX2:

Leasing and Rent-to-own available!

BodyStat Body Composition Analyzer

Metabolic Simulator/Calibrator

New: Canopy VO2 Simulator!
The only way to know the accuracy of your Metabolic Measurement System!

Custom Treadmills

The Ergometer for Pros

Gas Analyzers: O2, CO2, N2

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
This is the place if you are looking to have your body fat or fitness level measured, also information about credit card payments, leasing, privacy policy, explanation of terms used in the fitness industry. Click on the FAQ button on the left.

Our 50th Year !
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Address: 4538 Westinghouse Street, Ventura CA 93003
Phone: 805-644-7461, Toll-free: (800) 235-3333
Office FAX: 805-654-8759
John Hoppe Personal computer FAX: 805-299-1840
E-mail (Primary):
John Hoppe Cell-Phone: 805-320-0654
Skype: john.hoppe